anonymous, linear dialogue

a slightly different approach

anologue is like comments, meets im, meets irc, meets your favorite paste app, meets instant coffee.

actually, instant coffee sucks.

with anologue you can quickly and easily engage in an anonymous (or not) linear dialogue with any number of people (within reason).

no accounts. no installations. no way?! yes, way!

your "chat room" is created by the time this link loads. invite whomever you want by giving them your unique link, and chat away.

let's make this better, together

perhaps best of all: this is open source . built with php 5.3+, using the most non-heinous, totally rad framework lithium, couchdb, jquery, a few other scripts as well as some classy, custom and established iconography and typefaces; all coming together for the conversational goodness you're about to experience.

fork and contribute to the core or download the source and setup your own. this one's for you, internets.